omega series of marine universe “deep sea of black”

With the end of the year approaching, many brands of this year’s new finale watch full shelves, put aside the style aside, just look at the level of their expectations of friends can prove their degree of heat. Recently, the author visited the Beijing Oriental Plaza, Omega store learned that the new series of marine hippocampus universe, “Deep Black” watch has shelves, cool fashion black diving watch, waterproof rating can reach 600 meters, is the small partners are more Look forward to the style, at the same time there are two women in the sale of the constellation series to reach the Observatory small second hand watch, is also the brand’s flagship new.
These fake watches uk are the brand to the Observatory certification table, can withstand more than 15,000 Gaussian magnetic field strength interference, in the magnetic properties, power storage, different temperature conditions, the timing function has far higher than the industry standard upgrade. And all this, have been the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) of the heavy testing and certification. Like the Omega fake table faithful is not already gearing up? New number is limited, like to act quickly!

Omega Seamaster replica series of marine universe “deep sea of ​​black” to reach the Observatory GMT watch (blue and black models)


Deep sea black series is one of the watches I look forward to, as the brand diving watch series of the hippocampus this year’s new performance is quite good. I believe this watch will become your favorite watches. As a diving watch, 600 meters of waterproof level is a professional-level. Ceramic case chemical properties more stable, hard and more resistant to corrosion, will be able to dive enthusiasts as the wrist partners, will be delivered to the timing task with it, feel at ease to enjoy the stimulation of the seabed adventure. Watch another highlight is that the upper right of the touch of dark blue, with a sporty breath of rubber strap, making the watch is very stylish, wild. Whether it is casual or dress can wear it, to enhance the taste at the same time, their own unique charm can show all.

Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “deep sea of ​​black” to reach the Observatory GMT watch (black)


In addition to color, the two deep-sea black watch parameters are identical, I will not repeat. On a deep blue show men’s wisdom and elegance. This is a black look more classic, cool and elegant. From the color point of view, the show is more of a watch the integrity of the black dial, black bezel, black strap appears to be more clean and classic. Comparison of the “deep black” theme, although the two watches are similar, but the feeling is different, small partners who like it a little more?

Omega Constellation replica series first to reach the Observatory small second hand ladies watch


Roman numerals, stainless steel – red gold case, making the original very beautiful constellation series ladies watch glow unique glory, heritage of the series of classic design style: the famous “claws” (Griffes) and eye-catching dial, Showing the timeless and lasting charm of the design concept, and with the unique charm of the constellation series. Pearl mother of pearl dial on the small second hand design table needle, diamond time scale design, simple and elegant, to wear it to add a dignified and elegant atmosphere of the President. Watch while carrying Omega 8704 coaxial to the Observatory movement to protect the watch when the accuracy of travel is a rare classic ladies.

Omega Constellation series first to reach the Observatory small second hand ladies watch


Once upon a time, on behalf of the eternal diamond favored by the ladies, making them increased the pursuit of bright diamonds. If you suspect that a watch on the drilling is not much, then this watch will be able to meet your little vanity. This watch has all the characteristics of the above-mentioned watch fake uk(in addition to the Roman numeral bezel), the diamond inlaid in 18K red gold bezel red gold bezel on top of the diamond’s bright halo zoom in, showing wrist Table of the unique charm.

Summary: “good rice is not afraid of late.” This sentence is also right, although the new Omega Seamaster series of marine universe, “Deep Black” watch and female models constellation series to achieve the Observatory small second hand watch though long overdue , But could not withstand the enthusiasm of the table fans in full swing, I believe they will have a very good performance.

2016 fake Omega Christmas special gift

Time flow, warm and romantic Christmas has been quietly to. People look forward to working with family and friends together to share the winter warmth. This is the best moment of the year, full of Ambilight, filled with laughter; this is a most worthy of sharing the moment to warm heart Zhili, to close friends to convey Thanksgiving and love. Here, Omega replica uk for you to offer the heart of choice from Switzerland, so fine when the meter carrying your passion, the points will be retained wrist seconds, meaningful long-lasting. At the same time, Omega is also the most sincere holiday greetings.

Omega Constellation replica series of respect for hegemony watch limited edition


Omega Constellation Series presented by the glory of the statue of John limited edition calendar watch with 950 platinum case and a unique dark green leather strap, the world’s limited edition of 52, filling the distinguished beauty. Case diameter of 41 mm, with a polished groove bezel and 950 blasted platinum to show the “pie” dial. Classic “pie” dial design inspiration from Omega in 1952 released the first constellation series watch. In order to carry a new calendar function, “pie” different faces are used to point to the month, highlighting the unique design.
Dial logo on top of the emblem and Omega brand logo are 18K white gold cast, fine pointer and hour scale with the 18K white gold to create, and embedded with green enamel. The center of the dial engraved on the cross line is clearly visible, a symbol of Omega long-standing manufacturing precision timepieces certified traditional Observatory. Table back engraved with the Swiss Observatory badge pattern, also embedded by the green enamel 18K white gold to create. Omega watches equipped with the new 8923 coaxial to the Observatory calendar movement, the use of revolutionary special anti-magnetic technology.
In this case,

Omega Speedmaster Series “CK2998” limited edition watch


The new Omega Speedmaster replica series “CK2998” limited edition watch to the 1959 launch of the first super series CK2998 watch modeled on the heritage of the prototype of the intrinsic essence of the table is the collector and the “moon table” fans craving Classic choice. Global limited edition of 2998 pieces.
This exceptional watch features a stainless steel case with a polished blue ceramic bezel with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating on the speed scale. Small dial and minute scale is also used luxurious blue, surrounded by a white milky central dial. The central hour and minute hands of the watch and the alpha-shaped hands on the small dial are rhodium-plated; the central chronograph second hand re-uses the “lollipop” type pointer, reminiscent of the 1959 prototype.
The watch is also equipped with beige stitched blue leather strap, equipped with internal Omega 1861 movement. The back of the table has a distinctive style, decorated with the original hippocampus badge patterns, but also special engraved with “SPEEDMASTER”, “CK 2998” and “LIMITED EDITION”.

Omega Dish flying Ladymatic watch

1955, Ladymatic watch on the launch, with its gorgeous design and excellent quality as a model for ladies watch. After a lapse of 60 years, this series of watches are still distributed charming charm,  elegant temperament. Omega Dia Fei Series Ladymatic watch case diameter of 34 mm, with stainless steel case, with 18K Sedna ™ gold and steel, with matte edge of matte metal bracelet, more eye-catching bright. Polished alpha-shaped hands and eleven hour markers also feature Sedna ™ gold, hour markers with diamonds. White mother of pearl dial shine endless light, bezel shop with “snow inlaid” gorgeous diamonds, polished crown is another mosaic of a “Omega bright cutting” diamonds. In this Omega fake disc flying series Ladymatic watch on the dial, the calendar window at 3 o’clock position, can easily read the date. Watch the internal carrying Omega 8520 coaxial movement, for this time to provide accurate performance Pieces.

Omega Constellation series to reach the Observatory small second hand watch


Omega Constellation series to reach the Observatory small second hand watch is the world’s first specifically for women to build the Observatory watch. The new timepiece inherited the symbol of the constellation series “care claw” design, will be elegant and delicate white mother of pearl dial guarding the meantime. 10 diamond hour markers embedded in 18K gold arch brackets, bloom Smart shine. The charm of the new constellation series is its unique Yat new design: a delicate small seconds dial was placed at 9 o’clock position, the dial inlaid with four diamond second hand scale; calendar window adjusted to 6 o’clock position, so that the overall dial design More harmonious balance. This watches fake uk in the United States to the table among the more hidden innovative performance: movement equipped with a separate gear wheel activities of the second round, so that the second hand can be light taxiing, from jump seconds tremor disturbances. Non-magnetic second-round to pioneer LIGA technology to build, the technology from the subtle construction of watch components, highlighting the ultimate manufacturing process. Through the transparent sapphire case back, the new Omega coaxial to the movement of the Observatory movement beauty show.

Omega luxury jewelry series


Omega Ladymatic Series Pendant


Omega Ladymatic series pendant meaningful meaning, very attractive, easy to Pei Chen. The series is made of 18K red gold, and inlaid with diamonds, blooming women are inherently elegant charm. Pendant on the wavy pattern like a beautiful water ripples, gentle and moving, Ladymatic series of elegant and elegant style of graceful extension of the watch, it is at first sight. Watch the same strain with the same name, this section from a new angle of elegant interpretation of the pendant Ladymatic series of classic watches legend.

Omega constellation replica series small second hand wrist to reaches the observatory

Never thought, the lady of slender wrist behind a petite wrist watch, can have weathered many powerful inner “core” test. Omega has done this in the past, not only launched the world’s first “” observatory table”, has built the first “observatory for ladies small second hand wrist watch. While adhering to the constellation series good genes, in the magnetic under different temperature condition, power storage, timing function have far higher than the industry standard of ascension. And all this, all over the Swiss federal institute (METAS) measurement of certification testing. Today, you and the home of wrist watch editing together to witness the omega constellation series to reaches the small second hand wrist observatory (model: oath about precision.


Go to sign series wrist watch are always from the first sight of the appearance of bright clever design, and for this constellation series to reaches observatory small second hand wrist mood clock is accurate because her day long constant. Most had prevent magnetic watches can often only can resist 1000 gauss magnetic field interference, and in the current, magnetic field environment is constantly strengthening and cover more and more widely, then omega movement at a higher level of innovation can prevent magnetic. Carry these wrist watches to reaches the observatory movement even if exposed to 15000 gauss magnetic field environment, still can keep accurate travel time.


Omega replica machine core has been developed by the observatory (COSC) by the Swiss government strictly tested, and the ultimate observatory movement after the observatory test by the Swiss government and to accept the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) high standard strict tests, of the eight key performance, including the magnetic detection. Not only separate testing machine performance, but also test complete assembly of the whole piece of header.


The “small second hand wrist watch case observatory at 27 mm in diameter, overall and exquisite exquisite, show lasting charming gesture. Inherited the omega constellation  fake series on exterior design classic “claw” design, tie-in set auger bezel, shining the bright light of the constellation gathers. White mother-of-pearl dial USES is the thickest part of the shell, under different angles reflects the unique effect of clouds. 6 position set calendar window, 9 disc position setting small seconds, when the rest of the hour scale 10 fine diamonds. Small seconds from 4 set in 18 k red gold set in a diamond, more show delicate these wrist watches. In such a small shell more diamonds on dial, also the best highlights of superior craftsmanship.

18 k red gold crown embossed omega logo, on the edge of the crown is equipped with non-slip texture, convenient set-up time and calendar.


Grinding and polishing stainless steel link 18 k red gold bar chain bracelet, clasp in omega logo studded with 18 k red gold.

Omega constellation series classic “claw” adopts polished 18 k red gold, the same material on the table, “claw” position between a delicate diamonds, stainless steel watchcase with burnish of drawing modification.

The watch with omega automatic chain to reaches 8704 observatory movement, using silicon balance spring and the new type non ferromagnetic alloy material itself is not affected by magnetic interference, thus no airtight magnetically protection cover for the magnetic field. As it is, the beauty of the movement precision operation state through the transparent sapphire crystal table back, to show in front of the wearer, can also be seen after the Arab style of Geneva corrugated decorative rhodium plated splint and constantly running of polishing on two-way automatic chain system, to let a person can’t.


Conclusion: classic dazzing omega fake sale constellation series make people see the unforgettable, and this “observatory small second hand wrist watch is” beauty in appearance design, each diamond is like a star contain infinite energy, each section red gold watch-chain blossoms like a Daisy in the wrist, soft but not weak is its charm. But what makes it unique is its powerful “core” of official observatory (COSC), Switzerland and the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) dual certification to reaches the observatory movement, occurring in centuries telling the eternal pledge.