Panerai 2017 SIHH new replica watches

Two new special edition replica watches echoes the rare treasures of the 1930s, with a black or gradient brown dial, to reproduce the original watch because of time and evolved out of the appearance.

Radiomir series 47 mm 3 day power reserve stainless steel watch

In the late 1930s, Panerai replica watches has produced a variety of Radiomir watch, with a unique 12-gauges of the table frame, engraved “OFFICINE PANERAI-BREVETTATO” words, meaning Radiomir patented luminous material for the dial, while suggesting that the watch is not Used for military purposes, but on the Italian Royal Navy authorities to assess whether it is suitable for underwater task of the new watch prototype. The new Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio 3-day power storage stainless steel watch for the Panerai Nuosha Tail replica watches uk factory developed two special edition, for the first time all the important features of the prototype watch to reproduce the front, adhering to the watch’s unique personality, let Collectors to fine Panerai history of a wonderful chapter.



The new Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio 3 day power storage stainless steel watch The first retro detail is a 12-sided matte stainless steel frame, polished smooth edges and corners, engraved with the same prototype of the historical font. Screw-in table fixed to the Radiomir classic pincushion case twisted ring, and as the bottom part of the screw-in case back connected, as the prototype of the historical watch, the new model case elegant and symmetrical shape, three The structure is clearly visible from the side of the case. Case made of stainless steel (AISI316L) to create a diameter of 47 mm, the continuation of the classic retro Panerai replica watches size. Removable line-type lugs, easy to replace the rugged natural brown leather strap, strap decorated with light brown suture, equipped with large single-pin buckle.



Dial design is also drawn from the history of the prototype cheap replica watches, constitute another charming retro elements. Extremely simple appearance, with a unique “sandwich” structure, the scale and the clarity of extreme scale extreme. Dial with the same history as the prototype black (PAM00685), or Panerai replica new gradient brown (PAM00687), reminiscent of the radium-based luminous material Radiomir, in the history of the black dial on the prototype of the effect of light.


Table bottom of the large sapphire crystal glass, display Panerai Nuosha Taile watch factory independently developed P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement. The diameter of the movement up to 16 ½ law points, was the size of commonly used models, the wheel system are mostly hidden in the large matte plywood, the same under the plywood components are 13.2 mm diameter large balance wheel, and two to provide three days of power Stored hairspring barrel. The P.3000 movement is equipped with a quick set-up time device to ensure that the hour hand can be jumped back and forth in one hour without affecting the minute hand movement or watch operation.
The new Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio 3-day power storage stainless steel watch has a water resistance of 3 bar (water depth of about 30 meters). It is housed in an elegant wooden box with a Plexiglas® resin glass, a certificate bearing a special edition number, and a rare booklet that describes the Italian Royal Navy Special Forces military equipment, including the Panerai fake watches And instrumentation.

RADIOMIR3 DAYS ACCIAIO -47 mm 3 day power reserve stainless steel watch


Movement: P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, fully developed by Panerai.
Features: hours, minutes.
Case: 47mm, AISI 316L matte stainless steel.
Dial: Black, with Arabic numerals and hour markers.
Power reserve: 72 hours.
Waterproof performance: 3 bar (about 30 meters).

RADIOMIR3 DAYS ACCIAIO -47 mm 3 day power reserve stainless steel watch


Movement: P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, fully developed by Panerai.
Features: hours, minutes.
Case: 47mm, AISI 316L matte stainless steel.
Dial: Gradient brown, with Arabic numerals and hour markers.
Power reserve: 72 hours.
Waterproof performance: 3 bar (about 30 meters).

Omega Speedmaster replica new series “SPEEDY TUESDAY”

2,012 new Omega Speedmaster replica series “Speedy Tuesday” limited edition watch once the launch was ordered to grab an empty. The brand’s latest limited edition Speedmaster series of timepieces by watch enthusiasts from all over the world in hot pursuit, sold out faster than ever.
Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) for the first time in the online sale of a new cheap replica watches, which in the history of the watch industry can be described as creating a move, after the release is obtained from the market’s extraordinary response.

The launch of the limited edition Speedmaster watch is designed to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the acclaimed #SpeedyTuesday online community. Beijing time on January 10 Tuesday at 19 o’clock, Omega in its official social platform on the global synchronization open book. Only four hours later, 2,012 limited edition watch that is all booked.
When talking about the super series watch lovers, the Omega Global President and CEO Mr. Raymond (Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann), said: “They love the replica watches uk with infinite enthusiasm, but also very loyal to the Omega replica brand” . “The Omega has always been committed to responding positively to the needs of consumers, and this feedback from the online community of brands is of interest to us,” said Mr. Anson, who is also pleased with the results. extraordinary.”
Omega online platform has been very active, but the brand had never been as a direct sales channel. The new form to connect their online community, the Omega is definitely a bold attempt to inspire people, followed by the great success once again confirms the representative of the brand as a representative of the Omega Speedmaster series has been the world’s most One of the collections with the value of time.

Omega seamaster replica planet ocean deep black review

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean collection is over 10 years old. In this article we already gave you some background on the Seamaster and Planet Ocean in particular. A fact you should know is that in 2007, the models were slowly upgraded to Omega’s in-house calibers (8500 and later on, in 2011, 9300). Other improvements were the use of ceramic for the uni-directional diving bezel. Last year in June, Omega replica suddenly dropped the ceramic bomb on the Seamaster Planet Ocean like they did on the Speedmaster 9300 series and called it “Deep Black”. I was able to wear one for a few weeks, and here are my thoughts about it.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

Just a few months after BaselWorld, Omega introduced the Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black. A full ceramic version of their Planet Ocean diver collection. The success of the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon doesn’t need much explanation, and it was only a logical step that the use of this material would also be applied to the Seamaster Planet Ocean. Available with red, blue and Sedna gold accents, as well as a full “Deep Black” version, the watch that I’ve been wearing for a couple of weeks.

Although I have a couple of Seamaster watches in my own collection (vintage and a 1990s Seamaster Professional Chronograph 300M Diver in titanium), I never was able to pull the trigger on a Planet Ocean myself. Not that I don’t like the Seamaster Planet Ocean, in fact, I do. But I concentrate mainly on their Speedmasters for my personal collection. I’ve once came very close in buying the Goodplanet GMT version of the Planet Ocean, as its size was perfect for me (43.5mm) and I simply liked the Goodplanet project. But somehow another Speedmaster crossed my path that I just needed to have.



Even though I am not a diver, not even a gifted swimmer, I like the appearance of a divers watch. I assume most buyers of a Seamaster watch are ‘desk divers’, but I could be wrong of course.
Being a deskdiver, I still wanted to give the Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean Deep Black a try. I chose the all-black version of the watch to try, even though I also like the red, blue and Sedna models. My personal preference would be the all-black Deep Black, as I am afraid I might get fed up with the red and blue accents at some point. The Sedna gold version is something I fancy as well, but gives it less of a ‘tool cheap replica watches’ appearance. However, I like the touch of gold.


Deep Black Reference

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black is packed with innovations. Not only does it have a ceramic case, cut-out of one block, it also features a ceramic bezel, in-house developed caliber 8906 movement and a water resistance of 60 bar (~ 600 meters). The red and blue version have a bezel where ceramic and rubber elements are blended into one piece. Another interesting technical detail is the Naiad technology for the caseback, so the engraving is perfectly positioned. I could go on explaining about the METAS certified Master Chronometer movement and its specifications, but I’ve done that a couple of times already (click here for an overview of the Master Chronometer standards). Most important is that the watch is anti-magnetic up to 15,000 gauss and accurate with a daily average between 0 – +5 seconds a day.

But let’s not make this review a summary of technical details. In the end, even though I appreciate Omega’s innovating character a lot, it is about emotion and how you (and I) feel about [wearing] the watch.

On the Wrist

Make no mistake, this replica watches uk is big. With a diameter of 45.5mm it fits my fairly large wrists perfectly, but I did need a few days to get used to this size. Normally, my watches are a tad bit smaller. The black rubber strap fits like a glove and is comfortable from the first moment when you slide the watch on to your wrist.

Not only the diameter is impressive, the watch is also rather thick. It measures 17.8mm in height and that is a lot. It does make the watch feel a bit top heavy at first, especially on the light-weight rubber strap.

However, I got used to it fairly quickly. The watch looks amazing on the wrist, like the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, the watch doesn’t come across as being a pure tool watch. Perhaps due to the combination of white gold hands and a glossy ceramic dial, but there is little connection with the old Seamaster divers watches from the 1960s. If that is what you are after, perhaps the Seamaster 300 is something that would fit you better.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black is a real divers cheap replica watches though. The specifications don’t lie and the rubber strap with its anti-bacterial treatment on the lining make it a watch suitable for diving or at least swimming. Omega just combined the elements of a divers watch with something that can be worn all day every day. That’s what I did for a couple of weeks and I really got used to it.

In low-light conditions, the replica watches uk is still perfectly readable and the extra hour hand (GMT) is a feature that I really fancy. The finish of the watch is what you should expect of a watch with this price tag. The case has the typical combination of polished and matt brushed surfaces, like we are used from their lyre lug design. The glossy dial might not be for everyone, as it can look very shiny from certain angles. See below. It is something you just should make up for yourself.
The polished white gold hands, orange tip and hour markers still give enough contrast to be perfectly readable though. The date is located at 3 o’clock and using a matt black disc with white printing. As you can see above, it contrasts a bit when you look at the dial from certain angles where it [the dial] appears to be shiny.

On the dial you will also find the 24 hour track on the rehaut. As I wrote above, the GMT function is something I applaud. Especially if you’re a frequent traveler, it is a very welcome feature.